Okay, I really don’t have much to say here. Desi is simply telling you how happy he is. It’s written all over his face!! -4/2/11

Scout, so cute in his dog wheelchair -4/211

“Excuse me while I just take a rest” Smaller dogs can lay down in their wheelchair. Meko is an 8 year old Pekingese that loves his Doggie Wheelchair! -4/2/11

Cash was an aaaamazing fitting that we did here at the shop. I literally could not keep up with him. I got a lot of photos of his rear end!! Check out one of his videos! -2/22/11

This is a great example of the new harness that I’ve designed for Dachshund and Corgie wheelchairs. No more fallen chest straps!! This is Tommy from CA. I received this photo with “Later!” written as the caption! -2/22/11

Tommy was another VERY nice German Shepherd/Chow Mix that was fit with a wheelchair here at the shop. Go Tommy! -2/4/11

Zeke, checkin’ out the smells. -2/21/11

Oh, I am too handsome. And so popular with the ladies! My name is Meyer, and I am the weiner on wheels, a 12 pound Mini Dachshund. Ruff Rollin’ makes wheelchairs for small dogs too! Follow my story at - 1/17/10

“Okay, Mom, I’m ready to go take care of the horses!”  Bandit is a very happy 11 year old Border Collie that lives on a farm in WV. His Mom wasn’t sure what the cause of his disability was, perhaps Degenerative Myelopathy. In this case, Mom chose to purchase a wheelchair for Bandit rather than an expensive MRI to find the cause. She was very happy with her decision.   -12/15/10

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This picture speaks a thousand words! This is Jack, a 5 month old Cattle Dog Mix. He was born with a neurological disorder that caused weakness in his front and rear legs. Jack is also up for adoption. To meet him, or for more information, email his foster mom, Joanie, at   -10/25/10

Uno was a very friendly dog that we had the honor of fitting into a chair at our shop. Uno is a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog that had so much energy, it was hard to tell he was missing his rear leg! His right rear leg had to be amputated after a stroke. A lot of dogs do very well with only one rear leg, but over time Uno’s remaining leg started showing signs of weakness.  -10/20/10

Shojo is showing off his new shiny black ride! Shojo has a custom black powder coating on his wheelchair. His spinal injury that occured about 4 years ago is starting to cause weakness in his rear. So his owner wanted to purchase his wheelchair earlier than later, to prevent further weakness and atrophy. Great idea! – 10/15/10

“…once we lifted her back end up and attached it to the chair, you could see her get excited right away. She was like a kid in a candy store. Within minutes she was walking again…”  9/20/10

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It just doesn’t get any better than this! -9/14/10

“Bean has been doing very well. He walks further than ever and has even mastered the extreme hills in our neighborhood. In fact our challenge is getting him to turn back to the house on our daily walks as he wants to get back to our 2 mile route we always did pre-injury.”

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“He’s excited to see the chair and is always ready for a walk. The chair is Sam’s new favorite toy…Chasing cats, squirrels and rolling over my foot….we really do think the product is well built.” -9/4/10

Poika, or “boy”, is a 12 year old Lab/Samoyed, with an old back injury, and a torn ACL. Poika has turned into the happiest dog on the block. His attitude changed immediately, and was a joy for us to see.   -8/20/10

Dugan has a history of an auto immune disease and an injured cruciate ligament. His veterinarian now believes he may have degenerative myelopathy. Despite all this, what a happy little guy! We fit this super cute corgie, Dugan, into his new set of wheels at the shop here. He did great! Notice he has a special “Corgie Harness” which prevents the front chest strap from falling in front of his legs. Go Dugan!  -8/18/10

Frankie lookin’ pretty for her photo shoot  -7/30/10

Frankie, sign says “No Hunting”   -7/30/10

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